Prefab modular buildings are used more often due to many advantages they bring in our society

Prefab modular buildings come with many different advantages thus they are frequently used in architecture worldwide. Prefabricated buildings are made from containers that are no longer used and are thus eco-friendly. Additionally, costs of building prefabricated building are much lower than costs of building a stick-built building. Also, traditional buildings take longer to build. Some say that constriction time of prefab modular buildings is up to 50% shorter. Furthermore, prefab buildings are built in-house, where third part quality control is provided constantly. Consequently, the quality of prefab modular buildings is hardly questioned. Last but not least, prefabricated buildings are also very flexible and are easy to move if there is a need to.


Prefab container office for sale, prefab modular school building and other prefabricated buildings

In REM we are a global producer of prefab building in Europe and worldwide. Our company is specialized in the area of manufacturing containers with an emphasis on sanitary and accommodation containers, but in recent years we also developed many projects in engineering, implementation and assembly of more complex modular prefabricated buildings. There are various modular buildings to choose from. We are offering prefab modular container office, modular schools, storages and even modular hotels. All of our modular buildings are built from high-quality materials and built-in parts and are thus very long-lasting.

prefabricated offices

Prefab container office for sale are durable, flexible and long-lasting

In last years, prefab container offices are more and more popular. In REM, we are offering you prefab container office for sale. In last years, modular office manufacturing has significantly improved. Nowadays it can often compete toe-to-toe with the standard stick buildings. Furthermore, prefab container office for sale are built in-house where third-party quality control is almost always provided, thus quality of prefab offices is hardly questioned. But this is not the only advantage in-house production brings. Also, if the plot of land, where your prefab office is supposed to be placed is not ready yet, you have plenty of time to prepare different installation and other things that should be placed before setting container at the plot of land. Once on spod, prefab container office for sale can be assembled in a day or two.

Short construction time and friendly budget of prefab container office for sale

Furthermore, construction time of prefab container office for sale is much shorter than construction time of traditional buildings. Nevertheless, weather can also be an issue with a stick-built office. If it is raining, snowing or dangerous outside, such as with thunderstorms, then builders will have to stop until the weather improves. A modular office is mostly constructed indoors, where weather is not an issue. Additionally, prefab buildings are also less expensive - especially prefab container office for sale. Because modular office is one of many being built by the same manufacturer, with less possible down time, there are less costs associated with its construction. The cost of a prefab office can be up to 15% cheaper than a stick-built office, and possibly even more affordable if you are building your office in a location that is hard to get to or far from major manufacturing centres.

prefabricated modular systems

The “green” nature of prefab container office for sale helps our environment

We must not forget that besides all advantages mentioned above, prefab container office for sale are also eco-friendly. Prefab container office for sale are built of containers that are no longer in use and would be burned otherwise. With melting those containers down, tonnes of toxic gasses are produced that pollute our atmosphere, also, much energy is wasted by the melting process. In addition, materials, prefab container office for sale are made from, are reusable and recyclable. Furthermore, installation and renovation are dust-free, which also helps to improve air quality. Furthermore, you can also incorporate environmentally friendly features directly in your space, including safer and natural building materials, and more energy-efficient operations overall. Space itself is also a sustainable entity, composed of durable materials for longevity, and eliminating unneeded waste at each phase–from construction to reconfiguration. In case of any further questions about prefab container office for sale or any other type of product, please visit our website, where you can find additional information about product that are on offer. There are also prefab modular hotel buildings available in our offer that ensure enough space and peaceful place for your guests. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, as one of leading prefab building manufacturers we will be happy to help you out with additional information.