Modular construction methods are used for creating all kind of facilities

Modular construction method is becoming very popular. This method is much cheaper from classic construction method and it is much quicker. Prefabricated units are produced in a factory where production does not depend on weather conditions, therefore it is quicker and more time efficient. After prefabricated units are made, they are transported to construction site with different methods. If unit is fully or partially assembled its transportation method is lorry. This method is usually used for deliveries to destinations which are not so far from factory. If unit has to be delivered to distanced location, it is delivered fully dissembled in package. Our modular construction units can be delivered anywhere in the world using maritime transport method. When modular units arrive to their destination, our team assembles them. After assembly, units have to be connected to power and water supply and to sewage. Then, they can be immediately used. If more functional space is required later on, we can always add additional units to enlarge facilities. We can also reduce number of units in case they are not needed. That is a very big advantage of modular method.

modular building

Modular construction method is eco-friendly because units can be recycled

When considering costs of modular construction facilities, it is quickly obvious that they are much lower from costs of traditional buildings. If we compare modular construction methods vs traditional methods we can find many advantages of modular construction methods. Prefabricated units are safer from earth quakes, fires and other weather conditions. They require very low maintenance which makes them very cost efficient. They are built in a controlled environment and therefore production is faster and cheaper. With our prefabricated units all kinds of private and public facilities can be made. Schools, workshops, restaurants, kindergarten, bars, health care centres just to name a few. Units can be placed together in different ways to create modern or classic designs. We can place them next to each other or on top of each other and create facilities which are fully functional units.

modular construction methods


We can create beautiful modern designs of facilities with modular construction methods

Prefabricated modular units are made of steel frame and beautiful decorative facade panels. Steel frame is very strong, it can hold three storeys of accommodation or sanitary units. If client needs facility with more floors, we can reinforce steel frame. Facade can be made of metal sheet panels of different colours or from impregnated wood. If client wants to achieve modern look of unit, we recommend to choose metal facade and if he wants to create traditional look, we advise wooden facade. Insulation of facade is custom made. If modular unit will be used in colder climate, we adapt insulation to those conditions which means it is thicker. If unit will be used in warmer climate, we reduce thickness of insulation. Modular construction units also come with installed doors and windows. We can fully furbish prefabricated accommodation units with electrical installation, air conditioning, electric radiators, ventilators, kitchen and other furniture. In sanitary units we can install plumbing installation and sanitary equipment.

Modular construction methods allow easy relocation of facilities

Modular construction solutions are quick and cost effective. More and more people are realizing that prefabricated units are very practical and that they contribute to healthy environment. Our prefabricated units can be recycled after they are no longer in use. Modular construction offers unique solution of moving units. Facilities can simply and quickly be dissembled and transported to another location. This is especially convenient for units which are used as bars or restaurants. They are simply moved to different location without any problems, quick and easy. Moving costs of existing facility are much lower if we compare them to cost of new building. So moving is a good and cost effective solution.