Real wood veneer laminate flooring and how to choose the best option for your situation

Choosing a veneer, wood or laminate floor that can last for decades requires some attention, all aspects need to be considered before making a decision on type of material, finish and manner of installation. Color and reflectiveness can still be altered after installation, but the style, material and manner of placement have to be decided upon at first. We’d love to assist in this process, as we have decades of experience with great results in real wood veneer laminate flooring.


Why choose real wood veneer laminate flooring

We encourage choosing natural materials, though using them in large amounts can account for environmental conflicts. Choosing real wood veneer laminate flooring is a great alternative to solid wood laminate. Like walnut, many woods are getting scarcer these days and therefore more expensive. Using real wood to make veneer laminate flooring is a highly efficient method to create durable floors at maximum price efficiency.

Real wood veneer laminate flooring from Floor Experts

Wood veneer holds the same qualities as solid wood flooring, but laminate with a layer of veneer costs a fraction of the natural resources and that can certainly be felt in the wallet, when buying a floor. Hand scraped wood laminate flooring can be made out of walnut, making a fine wooden laminate at a competitive price. Veneer wood however, brings the best laminate flooring at highly affordable prices and still possesses all the qualities looked for in natural materials. The layer of solid wood is thin, but highly resistant and more tough then other multi-layer parquet. Hand scraped walnut wood laminate flooring is an exclusive product, and brings a floor like no other. A true Floor Expert specialty.

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