Wood veneer laminate flooring - easy, durable, resistant

Veneer laminate flooring is a handy alternative to traditional hardwood. The beautiful tones of walnut wood laminate are an affordable way of adding a piece of timeless furniture into your home. Its advantages include:

      • wood veneer laminate flooringMuch easier installation
    • Significantly lower starting prices
    • Quicker and mess-free installation
  • A lot easier to clean (veneer wood flooring requires no maintenance)
  • Very resistant to scratches, moisture, wear and tear

In the past, you might have heard arguments against buying veneer laminate flooring, such as its less natural look and the difficulty of repairing. However, the technology behind wood veneer laminate flooring has advanced immensely in the recent years. As a result, the products are extremely durable, making veneer flooring combine the benefits of both laminate and hardwood. When it comes to the veneer floor vs laminate debate, the veneer option offers a more natural look.

Large collection of wood veneer laminate flooring

veneer laminate flooring

We’d like to introduce you to the world of Floor Experts, a fast-growing flooring provider from the heart of Europe. We use the latest technlogy in developing and sourcing our veneer wood flooring, which we offer at affordable prices. Our oak color laminate flooring has been gaining attention lately, as well as light walnut laminate and golden ash color laminate. Oak color laminate flooring and our other laminate collections are made of sturdy materials. Each final product has undergone a series of quality checks, making our wood veneer laminateflooring durable, scratch-resistant and reliable.

Why choose us?

At Floor Experts, we offer you one of the widest ranges of wood veneer laminate flooring, including walnut wood laminate. if you’re looking for the most durable flooring, then we’re a supplier you definitely don’t want to turn down! Our friendly experts help you navigate through the world of flooring quickly and easily, thus making sure you purchase the very best flooring option for your household.