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Parquet flooring as a perfect decision for every home

Vintage parquet flooringMade from wood, a renewable resource, parquet flooring represents a precious part of nature installed in your home. Wood is an anti-allergic material and full of character, as there is a broad number of different parquet flooring types and designs available. You can choose between traditional, rustic, classic, country and vintage parquet floorings. Different designs are available as well: sleek, modern, classic or aged. Wood parquet flooring price therefore highly depends on the species of wood and type of wood processing selected.

Vintage parquet flooring for a nostalgic look

Nowadays vintage parquet flooring is becoming more and more popular within those, who want an outstanding home, full of coziness and nostalgia. Natural tones and that special old look of vintage wood parquet flooring are made by a special weathering process.


Parquet flooring installation patterns direct the house interior appearance

After your decision about wood species and parquet flooring design, it is time for you to decide which pattern of wood parquet flooring installation would fit into your home the most. The way woodparquet flooring is directed will shape the flow of the total space. Many different parquet flooring installation patterns are available, while these are the most popular ones:

  • Straight pattern
  • Random pattern
  • Diagonal pattern
  • Classical parquet square patternProfessionally designed vintage parquet flooring
  • Herringbone pattern.
Solid wood parquet flooring installation price can vary a lot regarding the pattern you choose. Vintage parquet flooring installation patterns can also be made, containing special shapes and patterns, but this also elevates the price. Wood is known to be very durable. After decades of its usage and natural aging, woodparquet flooring can easily be renovated. By using a compact floor stripper and some basic tools, you can also easily remove wood parquet flooring whenever you decide to change it.