Best laminate flooring brands use top production technologies

Laminate flooring brands which we represent are from all around the world. We carefully choose our suppliers because we want to offer our clients only the best quality laminate which is available. All branded flooring is made from sustainable materials. Therefore, our laminate flooring is ecologic. Best laminate flooring brands use advanced technologies for producing high end products. Flooring from different best brands have very long life span but they have to be installed professionally. Best brand laminate is installed with click system which is easy and fast to use. If installation is done correctly, no seams between tiles are visible. Every tile has a tongue and a groove which fit together flawlessly. Installation is done with floating method, without use of glue. This is a reason that floating method is health and environment friendly. Floors can be used immediately after installation process is done.


Branded laminate flooring ca be installed in private and public buildings

Best laminate flooring brands offer many different types of flooring. You can choose among many colours from light, medium and dark shades. There are also golden, silver and reddish nuances which are absolutely stunning. Light coloured branded flooring is recommended for installation in small rooms and rooms with insufficient lighting. It optically enlarges rooms and gives them airy feel. Light coloured branded floors look best if they are combined with dark furniture or dark coloured walls. They create beautiful contrast which is very appealing. Stunning serene look of rooms can be created when combining light coloured branded laminate floors with light furniture and light coloured walls. Some brands of laminate flooring produce planks with very interesting colourful patterns. Printed top layers of planks can resemble patterns like natural stone, ceramic tiles, concrete and many more.

laminate flooringlaminate flooring brands

Laminate flooring brands produce different colours, decors and surface textures of planks

Renounced top laminate flooring brands produce best laminate in wood décor that looks exactly like hardwood floors. With high end machines they are able to create beautiful laminate which is suitable for every room. With wooden décor branded laminate flooring you can create all types of beautiful looks in your home. Branded flooring in light colours give rooms a traditional and elegant look, dark coloured laminate creates stunning traditional look. Light and dark branded flooring can be mixed together to form stunning patterns which enhance every room. All branded laminate flooring is prevarnished, so no sanding and lacquering or oiling is required after its installation. Upkeep is very simple, all you need for cleaning is slightly damp cloth.

Laminate flooring brands guarantee best results if laminate is installed professionally

Renounced best laminate flooring brands like Cosmoflooritan, Aquastep, Krono, Lifestyle premium produce their laminate flooring with modern advanced technology. Their products have many innovative features. Different brands develop different characteristics in their products. Brand Aquastep is a pioneer in water resistant laminate which can be installed in all rooms including kitchen and bathroom. It can even be installed in garages because it is very durable. Aquastep laminate flooring can be installed on big surfaces without using expansion profiles. Brand Cosmoflooritan is known for making best laminate flooring which is highly resistant to mechanical abrasion. It is also water resistant and suitable for humid rooms. Laminate from Cosmoflooritan brand is great for use in cottages and villas. Krono brand stands for high quality water resistant laminate flooring which is manly made of sustainable materials. Because of its hard surface finish, it is very resistant to abrasion. Lifestyle premium is a brand which is known for their highly durable laminate flooring which is also water resistant. This laminate brand produces tiles in large sizes and great thicknesses. It has very solid top layer therefore it is not susceptible to abrasion. Lifestyle premium laminate flooring is suitable for use in private homes and public facilities.